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One of Best’s top sellers, and now on to version 4, it is good to see that not too much has changed with this latest evolution of the TS, and it has stuck with the winning formula. The weight is reduced by an impressive 15% through some design tweaks such as a new Double Core Ripstop reinforced trailing edge and some adjustments with Dacron placement, but the TS V3 didn’t have much at fault so head designer, Peter Stewie, has kept things steady for 2015.

This was our freestyle test for the TS and the first thing to note from a freestyle perspective is that jumping on this kite is just insanely fun. Big Bay provided plenty of boosting options and the TS is a turbo charged kite in this department… You can get as much height as you want, but it is controllable and forgiving with a nice predictable response. Great for building the confidence to get some serious height and also for experienced Big Air fans. Looping is also very solid with the wide tips creating power in the turn. You do need to loop high and later due to the lift, and mega loops can be a bit slow, but there are no signs of stalls and the TS is very solid, with the kite keeping its shape at all times. Unhooked the kite flies very nicely indeed completing its true ‘all round freestyle’ rep.

In terms of power delivery, low end is very impressive, and it’s such a nippy kite that you can be very aggressive and it will get you going quickly in light winds and in lulls. Turns are smooth and predictable with the kite remaining stable and not flying too far forward in the window at any point. Top end is also impressive – and this was tested to the max in the gusty conditions. You never feel like the TS is going to get away from you and you remain in control at all times.

Overall, for an all-rounder/freestyle kite, we were very impressed indeed with the performance of the TS in the demanding freestyle environment of Cape Town.

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