Blade Trigger

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Blade trigger 1 FEATURE - Blade Trigger

This is the 7th generation of the Trigger which – with the arrival of the wave-specific Skinny Boy – can now truly claim ‘all-rounder’ status within the range.

The build quality of the Trigger is excellent. With Techno Force canopy material it is solid but light and it has a funky ‘pirate themed’ detail on the Dacron. Nice touch! There is a separate attachment point if you are going to ride the Trigger in waves (for deeper positioning and improved drift).

The Uni Bar V2 is very tidy and well engineered indeed. It has all been worked out and we really couldn’t find fault. The lines (thicker on the center than the outer lines) run out very nicely on the beach and have a very direct feel in the air. We were impressed – a contender for ‘bar of the year’ for sure.

On the water and the Trigger flies very smoothly and directly. Turning is relatively pivotal and the power delivery is smooth and precise. The range was also very broad and the top end excellent. Boosting is pretty stratospheric, especially if you are stacked, and control when airborne is comfortable.

In the waves and the on/off characteristics enable you to really use the kite when you need to and forget it when you don’t, and the precise handling ensures that this is still a good option in the waves… Overall a very versatile and impressive package.

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