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If the Hawk is the ‘Dimension on steroids’ then the Blackhawk has just come back from a stint in prison, covered in tattoos, with a mean look in its eye. Adding to the defined contours of the Hawk, Brunotti have tuned the Blackhawk to go one step further with a ‘Carbon Compression Core’, deeper tail double concave, more defined rail step and everything you could wish for to ride harder and faster and launch yourself off the water.

Definitely the best looking board in our tests, Brunotti describe it as ‘tense’ which we think is an accurate appraisal of a board that just wants to perform. Orientated towards freestyle or advance freeride riders it is the best of the ‘do everything well’ boards that Brunotti have to offer, and it does not disappoint. Taking a more freestyle outline has given the Blackhawk a broad, stable platform to land on. Landings are smooth, with the channels taking the shock out of impacts and providing plenty of stability. The carbon stringers and laminates through this board enhance the landings by seeing away any negative flex. Torsionally the board feels more resilient than the Hawk; carbon supported ‘Active Backbone’ and ‘Torque Equalizer’ makes the board quicker to re-engage its heel side edge after landing when returning to a sharp drive upwind.

Heavier and more assertive riders crossing their style between freeride and freestyle will benefit most from this board. It gives back what you put into it and so it benefits from an aggressive and confident riding style. Not as accessible as the Hawk or the Dimension for lighter or gentler riders, but guaranteed to please if you’re willing to push it…

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