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The Dimension is Brunotti’s all-round board that will work for you in all conditions. It is comfortable to ride and gets going very easily especially if you opt for the larger 141×42 (or even the 145×43) models.

As soon as you get this, and indeed any of the 2021 Brunotti boards we reviewed, out of the box and onto your feet, you can feel the quality of the construction and materials. With the CNC-shaped wood core running through the board giving it an ‘Active Backbone’, you have an accessible combination of flex, comfort and control, making this one of the most rideable boards in Brunotti’s 2021 range. It is a very rider friendly, yet progressive board that will have you up riding, blasting upwind, having fun and leveling up your riding in no time.

On the water the Dimension feels very light under your feet and as a result is manageable and quick for moving between the chop, accentuated by very comfortable straps keeping your feet firmly planted on the board. As you move through the edge, pop and takeoff it is predictable and grippy due to the step rail channels, and once off the water it is almost as if there is nothing on your feet, making grabs or board-offs super easy. You will come into a stable and comfortable landing and you can ride away and smile. Landings are smooth and stable as the flex tips and channeling ensure that grip is adequate to ride out controlled.

This is a genuinely confidence inspiring board for the progressing intermediate with a forgiving yet well-performing ride. The Dimension covers a wide user range and would not be outgrown by the majority of riders. This board is guaranteed to have you the leaving the water happy and will see you improving your riding game in no time.

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