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Brunotti tell us that this is the Dimension on steroids, and whilst we do not advocate the use of performance-enhancing drugs, we certainly advocate performance-enhancing boards. The Hawk is essentially a performance enhanced Dimension in every way. The bright yellow accents are striking and you certainly won’t lose it in the water. More importantly, as with every Brunotti board we’ve ridden, the quality of the finish and durability mean that you are taking on an ultra-long life board.

Using the same ‘Active Backbone’ and ‘Torque Equalizer’ of the more advanced boards in the Brunotti range in its CNC-shaped wood core, the Hawk is a lively board with a rewarding amount of pop and stable landings. Deeper channels, rails step and concave mean you can push this board that bit further as your abilities increase, and all it will give you back in return is a thank you for your troubles and a massive smile on your face. In combination with the double concave, responsive flex and tip channeling, the Hawk loads well, holding a strong rail bite, and breaks away cleanly off the water with a controlled release and plenty of height. Riders crossing over into freestyle will find this second season and beyond board to be the perfect tool for their progression.

Comparatively, the Hawk feels slightly surer under foot than the Dimension and demands to be dialed in and pushed around with greater assertion. That said, it is just as easy to get going and enjoy a smooth manageable ride as opposed to being permanently on the road to Valhalla.

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