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The Brunotti Pro X was one board we wanted to keep a little longer as it would have been great to try it out in 30+ knots, dialing into a smaller kite, but alas the wind gods did not allow that. This is the accessible freestyle board from Brunotti, and whilst it shares a lot of features with the Youri Pro model, it is a little more accessible and therefore adaptable to more conditions to get the most progression out of your freestyle riding.

Quad channels on the tips make for some impressive grip as you load that edge as hard as you can, helped by the rail step, and then landings are smoothed by the ‘Displacement Hull’ which spreads the water on impact. You would struggle to find a board that makes stomping new tricks quite as enjoyable. The pop is better than ever as the diffusor controls and transitions the board’s grip and contact through all phases of the load.

The Pro X’s tough durable construction means this board can take a fair amount of punishment, but it does not feel heavy under the feet at all, which means it rides well in lighter wind ranges even with boots. We were slightly hampered by only having the 138×41 in lighter winds whereas the 142×42 would have further highlighted these attributes. If it is accessible performance freestyle you are after with a quality finish and a lighter board that will also perform when the wind is not hooning, then this is your board.

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