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There aren’t many (any?!) riders who get their own kite, but Ian Alldredge must have played his cards right (and been truly ripping) as BWS have let him tag their latest offering with his TDZ label. And with some rather GGGrrrrrr looking graphics.

Hailing from gusty old Cali, Ian wanted a kite that was responsive and had good drift but which would also embrace some erratic conditions. Build wise and materials and reinforcements are essentially the same as the Noise Pro. On the water though and the TDZ has more of a ‘terrier’ feel to it. It pivots around very, very swiftly and the connection to the kite feels incredibly direct.

The throw on the bar (as with the Noise Pro) is generous and the depower effect is significant. We had the 10M out on a pretty gusty day and the top end was impressive with the kite manageable in 25+ knots. You need to have solid kite skills and a good understanding of where to place the kite to get the most out of it, but if you know your stuff then the BWS TDZ has plenty to offer you.

And when one of the kings of the strapless age has given it the green light: it’s very much one to take note of.

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