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apollo prof - Cabrinha Apollo

When we first saw the Apollo we weren’t entirely sure what to make of it – it is such a high aspect kite that it really does look different to everything else on the water. So what was the thinking? Well Cabrinha were looking for a kite that would meet the needs of foilers and riders who are looking for a fast kite or a super-efficient kite in lighter winds, so they have employed all of their kite developing knowledge and created a kite with an insane AR which is still accessible and easy to fly.

Tech wise and the Apollo uses the Pure Profile Panels which we can see across much of the 2017 range – these result in improved airflow across the kite and thus improved performance, and also Pro Span which flattens the kite when it’s in flight to increase the projected area and improve the efficiency of the kite. On the water (we tested the 12 and the 14m) and you need to reset your expectations – there’s not really any need to move the kite, you can just sheet in and you are away. Then the Apollo handles much more like a foil kite, so you pull the bar in and get some power, but then this just keeps on coming! Once you’re riding you really appreciate the efficiency – you fly upwind and you can just dig your edge in, pull against the kite, and just keep going faster. It’s a whole lot of fun.

For transitions (whatever you’re riding) just moving the kite through the zenith gives you a lovely amount of float so you have plenty of time to turn your board, get your feet set, and then you are away again. The range is also impressive – although you’ll want to pull on the depower if you’re stacked – and the Apollo will surely be up for some hang time records. You can boost relatively high, although not stratospheric, but then the amount of float is insane – if you keep the bar in you’ll float and float…

We flew the bigger sizes but we can imagine that the smaller sizes (there is a 7 and an 8) would be superb kites for foiling in light winds and we’d be surprise if a few more kites in this style don’t pop up over the next couple of years…

In a sentence: The Apollo is a serious piece of kit which reminds you just how much pure power a kite can deliver – but don’t be fooled, it is also a very fun kite to fly and becomes strangely addictive…

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