Cabrinha Moto 2022

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Cabrinha Moto - Cabrinha Moto 2022

Cabrinha’s Moto has always been a benchmark in versatility. The genre-spanning, three-strut jack-of-all-trades has always been a bit of a test team favorite, so we were eager to see what had been updated and improved for 2022.

This year the Moto receives a series of tweaks and build revisions to extend its range, increase its durability and improve its tactile and fun nature. Build-wise, we’re looking at a very clean and rounded leading edge arc, which Cabrinha have coined Pure Arc Segments. This minimizes drag and increases the structural integrity of the Moto across its span. The canopy segmentation is also painstakingly cut and designed to smooth airflow, and there are some revised and intelligently placed lightweight reinforcements in high stress areas to keep the overall weight down. The leading edge closing seam has also had a subtle, but all important beef up. A pulley-free bridle keeps things playful, direct and drag free in the handling department.

The Moto is probably our favorite handling kite in the Cabrinha range; it’s light, responsive and exceptionally smooth. It pushes itself across the wind window with a minimum of fuss and flies fairly far forward, meaning you don’t need to plough an oceanic furrow to get yourself upwind. Kiteloops are easy to initiate, and have smooth and progressive power and predictable catch. Freeriding with a Moto on a twintip is a joy. Sure, it’s not going to boost you as high or aggressively as the Switchblade, but it’s far more versatile and comfortable to ride, and isn’t going to punish you if you get it wrong. Unhooked it retains a decent level of stability with minimal trim required, considering its sprightly handling, and will give you a decent downwind travel without yanking your arms off. It’s a great confidence builder, and if you do drop the bar, recovery and relaunch is a simple affair.

The lightweight three strutter makes an admirable job of freeride foiling, particularly when you weave in those smooth and responsive handling characteristics and power delivery. You can throw a loop into your transitions where other kites might pull you off balance. These characteristics also carry over into surf, where the perky handling and amiable nature of the Moto shine again, allowing decent positioning on the wave. We found the 2022 version a little less nose heavy than previous years and even more eager to climb after a bottom turn with a decent portion of drift.

The Moto is simple and entertaining to fly, unintimidating and a great confidence builder for anyone post lessons and above. It’s the type of kite pretty much anyone can fly and instantly enjoy, regularly inducing the rider with a cheeky grin.

For the kiter that does a bit of everything, and requires a kite that spans disciplines with genuine elegance, you would struggle to find another kite that fits the bill. It combines many positive features from the rest of the Cabrinha range and marries them into a such an entertaining package that reeks of versatility. The Moto is a true desert island kite.

Cab - Cabrinha Moto 2022
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