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Cabrinha Moto - Cabrinha Moto X

The 04 Moto X follows on from an impressive first generation last year, which built upon Cabrinha’s popular Moto platform. The same DNA remains, and instantaneous steering and a light bar feel top off an excellently playful package that is a blast whatever discipline and level of performance is desired.

This three-strut, moderate aspect ratio design with subtly swept wingtips has been cleaned up further from last year with a lighter and more efficient frame, most notably with the introduction of the Integrated Structural Canopy. Layering of material has been entirely abolished along the trailing edge both reducing weight and increasing the effective lifespan by limiting abrasion of materials. Weight saving is the name of the game at the moment and the Moto X is no exception. The kite we tested was part of the new Lite series which utilizes new HTD Lite Dacron and Featherlight bladders, but the Moto X has also had a makeover in the new Apex series. This utilizes the Apex material successfully implemented on the Nitro last year and thinner, more aerodynamic bridles to extract even more all-round speed, range and performance from this package. One is spoilt for choice between price to performance ratio and cutting edge, no-holds-barred performance.

A light steering response maintains just enough weight to feel the kite at your fingertips which translates into a superbly direct package that is up there as one of our favorite feeling kites. Even in the lightest wind it remains very sure of itself and is easy to generate buckets of low-end drive. Pivotal turning combined with pleasantly lofty tacks translates into a superbly easy package to progress your foiling game. When fully sheeted in, this kite turns on a dime around a smooth but snappy arc with little spike in power. This allows easy placement deeper in the window which, alongside an ample portion of drift, also lends it to be a blast in the waves where ease of use continues as a running theme.

A high performance nature is expertly maintained on the twintip. The Moto X is a forgiving kite with exponential depower whilst upholding fingertip control throughout the bar travel, and remains comfortable well beyond its expected top end. The jump has a large sweet spot with smooth, but unaggressive vertical lift and enough hangtime to push aerial moves. On larger jumps the kite flies well overhead inviting some lofty heli-loops that provide the potential for silky landings. It is clear that the loop would remain as fast and as reassuringly reliable as last year, making it ideal for those looking to divulge into the world of Big Air.

The 04 collection Moto X is an excellently light and refined package and Cabrinha have done an admirable job of tackling performance in all corners of the sport. It is obvious why this kite seems to pop up so often in the media of almost every Cabrinha pro rider, whether for breaking the boundaries of their respective disciplines, or for simple sheet-and-go freeride fun.

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