Carved Tantrum 5

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carved thumb - Carved Tantrum 5

The Tantrum is a no-expense spared super-light board as utilized by Steven Akkersdijk at this year’s King of the Air. It’s Carved’s full wakestyle stick and of course has the ingredient that sets all of the Carved boards apart from the pack: Cartan Carbon. With the fibers set at a precise 30 degree angle, Carved believe that they have found the ultimate board construction material. The weight is pretty extraordinary, with the 140 version weighing in at a staggering 2kg. Yes. For real.

On the water and the relatively flat rocker, sharper rails and narrow edges ensure that the Tantrum planes extremely quickly and flies upwind. The thinner rails really cut through the water and you can see why this is also pitched as a ‘light wind’ option as it ‘feels’ very efficient under your feet.

When it comes to loading it up, the stiffness allows you to generate an insane amount of pop, you can just load and load and load… Then the square tips mean that you can keep your edge longer and release all of that power at once for a real Mach 10 pop. Doing tricks, and the lightness of the board really feels like it gives you an edge, enabling you to squeeze that extra bit of performance out of yourself.

The Tantrum is very impressive for wakestyle moves with the kite low, but is also worth commenting on the fact that it provides a great springboard for Big Air moves and the light weight also ensures that you are not dragging as much behind you as you fly downwind.

So, in short: the Tantrum V is undoubtedly one of the highest quality and beautifully engineered boards on the market, and if you ride flat water spots every day and have some space on your credit card, this really is a no brainer…

Carved Tantrum 5 - Carved Tantrum 5
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