CORE Choice 4

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CORE Choice - CORE Choice 4

CORE have never been shy of producing a top shelf twintip, and the Choice sits in the range as a board that lends itself to a multitude of disciplines, hence the name. Boots or straps, freestyle or Big Air, it’s designed to give you a decent option for all of it. Build-wise, V4 has had quite a rethink but continues to integrate luxurious Cartan Carbon into the build, which is a material mainstay of their sister brand, Carved. This sandwiches a familiar Paulownia wood core. All-new Katana channels are present, visible in the tips and resembling the infamous Japanese sword. These help increase and control the flex and release in the tips, and improve water flow into the channels in the base. It is mirrored in the deck of the board as well. The rails have been tucked under with a 60/40 bias between your stance, which fades into straight box rails as it thins out into the tips. A 2mm bevel has been sunk into the deck to increase flex in the mid-section and make it all a little more forgiving.

We tested the Choice in both wake boots and the supplied Union Pro 3 straps, and it genuinely functioned admirably with both options attached. Sizing will depend a little on your style, but if you favor boots for the majority of the time, we’d take a more generous size than if you were more strap biased. In the water the Choice feels instantly smooth and responsive. There’s zero splash from the tips and it cruised through dense chop without getting flustered.

The edge and release characteristics remain super easy to access and don’t require too much loading technique or board speed to receive a decent consistent pop. It seems to let you deliver your trick routine with an instant familiarity and with zero fuss. From a swing weight perspective, it probably sits exactly in the middle of the market, which only adds to the predictability helping you come out of your rotation. On balance, the Choice probably has more of a bias towards powered low tricks, soaking up hard landings with style. The tips are thin enough to hold a decent amount of power in a high wind, overpowered scenario if you want to go boosting and looping. It feels instantly familiar regardless of what situation you seem to throw it into.

In a sentence: The Choice has been updated intelligently and is a beautifully crafted high-end all-rounder with true cross-discipline credentials which also manages to be a comfortable ride…

CORE Choice 4 - CORE Choice 4
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