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core fusion prof - CORE Fusion 3

The Fusion 3 has just been released by CORE and pitches itself as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of kiteboards. It is an all-round board designed to be used in ‘real world’ conditions. For V3, CORE have succeeded in trimming a few ounces from the Fusion with the Paulownia wood core extending closer to the edge – the main reason for the weight reduction. Aside from this, the bottom shape has been remodeled with new channels, a deeper rocker and wider tips than V2. The Fusion 3 is not really a board for boots, and we tested it with straps – we had the Carved Ultra set with the snowboard style ratchet system. The comfort and overall quality of the materials and construction here really is phenomenal.

We tested the Fusion 3 in relatively choppy conditions and the first things we appreciated was that the Fusion 3 picked up speed quickly, and with that deep V shaped ‘keel’ it delivers an incredibly smooth ride through the chop. For us this is one of the most important aspects of a twin tip, as we all want to maintain good control in the worst possible conditions. 99% of us do not ride the buttery flat locations such as Brazil or Hatteras, so finding a board that really works in chop is important. With this added control, you’ll also find that edging and upwind performance is also greatly improved. We liked the channels on the Fusion 2 last year but the improvements for the Fusion 3 are noticeable.

Loading up and edging the Fusion 3 is controlled and this board gives you some incredible pop! More than you expect from a freeride board. Landings are also exceptionally comfortable with the keel and channels really cushioning your landings. The double concave also lets you be quite playful with the Fusion 3: hopping from toeside to blind, and carving and slashing. It’s loose when it needs to be but also really locks in and holds speed when that’s what you need from it…

In a sentence: The build quality and attention to detail on the Fusion 3 are second to none, and it is equally impressive when you get it on the water…

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