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CORE have an interesting way of dealing with larger lightwind kites in their product range. Rather than homogenizing it all into one lightwind-specific model in the range, they take the individual product line and build lightwind versions, so that the kite’s characteristics carry through to the big sizes and you have more continuity in your quiver. We’ve seen this over the last few years to great effect in the XR6 and GTS6 ranges also.

If you’re familiar with the Nexus 2 in the smaller sizes, straight away you notice a far more swept tip, flatter arc and material differences with the smaller models. With a kite with so much surface area, a logical step is to make it as lightweight as possible for early flying. CORE have implemented CoreTex Light ripstop and ExoTex Dacron to save as much weight as possible. The struts are noticeably narrow in diameter and seem to flex to let the kite breathe a little and pivot around the turn. There has been some major weight shedding on the wingtips where an absolute minimum of Dacron has been used to frame the higher load areas.

In practice, CORE have injected as much agility as they can into a big canopy, to make this friendly colossus kite as entertaining as possible. They have truly catered for everyone, as above the 15m we tested, there is also a 17m in the range for heavyweights or extreme lightwind riding. CORE have worked their magic and implemented some power steering, so the bar pressure is relatively tame for such a big unit which definitely reduces fatigue and makes a long session comfortable. 

On a twintip, which is where we feel the kite’s attributes are most applicable, having all that canopy means you can gain some serious float around your transitions; the easy sheet to lift characteristic of the standard Nexus carries over to great effect for gentle floaty tricks involving sent jumps. On redirect, the kite lands you very gently and predictably with decent feedback, particularly once you dial into the Nexus 2’s rhythm. For such a large kite, it does not feel too ponderous and makes an excellent platform to load and pop against for training unhooked tricks in controlled conditions with predictable response and long downwind travel. The upper wind range is also impressive and lends itself to massive floaty sent jumps that are easy to initiate, and multiple rotations are easily achieved. It makes a super friendly and predictable platform for airstyle, so dust off those board offs and you can hover like a bird. The Nexus 2 LW retains many of the positive all-rounder characteristics of the smaller sizes and optimizes them for lighter airs. Anyone that flies smaller kites will appreciate the familiarity in handling and enjoy not having to adapt their riding style that much for light wind.

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