CORE Pump 2.0

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core pump FEATURE - CORE Pump 2.0

Once again it is all about the little things with CORE… They seem genuinely motivated to improve your kiteboarding experience from start to finish. Like a teacher who really does want the best for you. So the latest ‘all about the little things’ offering: The Pump 2.0.

As you might guess we spend A LOT of time pumping up kites at TheKiteMag. It is fair to say that the ‘standard’ pump with the high inflation valves that are pretty ubiquitous nowadays do a pretty decent job. Or so we thought. The CORE Pump 2.0 has something that most other pumps don’t: attitude.

The first thing you spot is the ergonomic handle and then you have a closer look and spot the rest of the features: A longer shaft; a clever little bung which switches it from single to double stroke inflation; a very swish looking pressure gauge; a ‘tether clip’ designed so it doesn’t always fall off the kite… And that’s just what you can see.

Inside there is also a sand filter so that there is no way you can blow sand in to your kite and (because we wouldn’t dream of slicing in to it) we’re taking CORE’s word that there are all sorts of clever coatings and seals on the inside. The outcome is that it really does feel truly frictionless… Okay, it’s only a pump, but if you’re into pumps: this is the one.

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