Core Ripper 2

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core - Core Ripper 2

The Ripper 2 is essentially an entirely new addition to the CORE board range. Borrowing from the construction of the Carved Burner in last year’s range, the Ripper takes the bold step of moving to a complete PU ‘surf construction’. In TheKiteMag #1 we discussed this with Bernie Hiss who felt that, aside from the PU ‘feel’, PU also gave you the ability to more precisely engineer and replicate the rails, and to ensure a perfect and precise design every time. The first talking point at the beach with this board is always the inserts. We haven’t seen this anywhere else and the look of the wood beneath the glass is pretty irresistible.

So in terms of design and construction, it is clear that – from the classic surf PU core, to the FCS II fin system, to the wooden stringer – the Ripper 2 is a surfer’s kite board. As such it needs to be treated with respect, but if you want a PU feeling board that doesn’t ‘ping’ and that you can also paddle out and surf if the wind dies out then the Ripper 2 ticks that box.

In terms of the shape, there is a classic shortboard outline, with a medium rocker and a relatively generous amount of width in the nose to get you planing early. Upwind performance is also very impressive (although this was a biggy) with the modest rocker and straighter rail-line giving plenty to dig in.

Turning on to a wave, and the thruster set up and the rounded square tail mean that the Ripper 2 snaps around assertively. Again, the shape is ‘classic’ surf so it works as you would expect it to, there is a nice smooth feel to it which is complimented by the PU construction and doesn’t miss a beat.

Riding it down-the-line and the single to double concave delivers plenty of speed and stability, and rail-to-rail performance is excellent. Certainly with this 6’2 you would have no qualms in confidently heading out in well overhead waves.
In short: the Ripper 2 is a real pleasure.

Core Ripper COB - Core Ripper 2
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