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36.2 meters… Honestly, do we have to say anything else? The XR Pro launch can only be described as pure radicalness, redefining what is possible in our sport. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, Josh Emanuel and Maarten Haeger broke the world record in Hanstholm, Denmark not once, but twice on the day that the XR Pro was launched. Earlier this year we reviewed the XR8 and to be fair the XR Pro has been developed alongside it, resulting in some similarities when it comes to shape, but that’s about it. The construct is radically different resulting in an incomparable experience on the water.

The most visible difference is the addition of the Aluula; we are pretty certain you are all no strangers when it comes to Aluula. This revolutionary airframe material has allowed the XR Pro to sport a thinner-than-ever leading edge, whilst the five struts followed suit. But the XR Pro is not simply an XR8 with Aluula; the design has been precisely engineered to extract every last drop of performance that Aluula promises. This overhaul not only incorporates the thinner struts but an overall flattening of the profile as well as some changes to the bridle positioning.

The XR Pro first made its public debut in the hands of Angely Bouillot and Zara Hoogenraad, becoming a podium-proven kite at both GKA Lords of Tram as well as the finals in Tarifa. This year’s King of The Air will see two XR Pros in the air, as recent signing Giel Vlugt returns home after undoubtedly putting Aluula on the map, and Josh Emanuel fights for hometown glory. This will be Giel’s first competition with an XR Pro and undeniably all eyes on the beach will be waiting in anticipation to see how Giel transitions onto the new kite. We could give you our predictions, but Colin and Adrian sat down with Double G on the latest Megapod and got his thoughts on the matter. Surprisingly he might be skipping the doubles on the XR Pro as he explains that the kite is perfect for huge single kiteloops. [Ed: note, this review was written before KOTA.]

Our first session with the XR Pro was on a 9m and we could instantly tell that it was part of the XR family. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to fly an XR, you will be familiar with the kite’s distinctive yet intuitive feel. This characteristic is a result of CORE’s Intelligent Arc, a bridle configuration that, without delving into the scientific details, allows users to modify the overall airfoil of the canopy simply by sheeting in or out. The second contributing factor we experienced was that of the new Delta Bow Shape, a performance-driven take on the classic bow shape. So the XR Pro has a concave trailing edge that joins arrowed-style wing tips that emphasize its delta profile – this flatter profile ensures competitive high-end performance whilst delivering lightning-fast flight speeds. This competitive performance has been completely overhauled when it comes to the XR Pro; if we are completely honest the sheer yank this kite delivers is going to take your breath away. Literally.

Every single movement we made on the bar translated directly to the kite, resulting in raw untamed performance. This kite is a very different experience to flying the XR8, but this is for a very simple reason. The XR Pro is designed for professional-level riders, those fearless enough to hold on tight as they send it around the wind window. The kiteloops on the XR Pro are as adrenaline-filled as they come, yet the heavier bar pressure allowed us to feel precisely where the kite was throughout the loop, giving us constant feedback to make sure we timed those heliloops. The XR Pro climbs to the top of the window no matter how low you throw your loops, this is no doubt helped by its 10% weight reduction compared to the XR8 as well as its ultra-stiff five-strut frame. As our confidence grew we found ourselves putting that kite lower and lower throughout our sessions: it is quite an adrenaline rush and it does become addictive to see how far you can push it!

If loops aren’t your thing, then the XR Pro is truly unmatched when it comes to straight jumps. There are multiple WOO records to prove it, and no we didn’t knock Josh off his throne just yet but we definitely set a couple new PBs in the process. The XR Pro has certainly proven its worth as a standout kite on the market, delivering a radical flying experience that has the capacity change your perspective on the word extreme.

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