CrazyFly Addict 2017

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CFaddict PROF - CrazyFly Addict 2017

The Addict was introduced to the CrazyFly range last year when it stepped in as their more wakestyle focused board. It was really well received and our test team were impressed last time round, so we were excited to see what we could expect from V2…

Designed to be ridden hard and preferable in bindings, the Addict is a board for no-compromise riding. The first feature you notice is the four right angle channels on the tips which improve the board’s hold and also give it enough grip to ride finless, giving the board crossover appeal for guys or girls who also want to ride at the cable. There are also the two channels running along the board (the ‘Edge Control Track’) which – in the absence of a big concave – provides additional grip and improves the upwind performance of the board. The layup utilizes Kevlar and ‘X Carbon’ (which runs off-axis to ensure the board doesn’t feel too stiff) so you are getting plenty of tech and durability for your $. On the water and there’s plenty of rocker so you need to ride it powered – especially if you are in bindings and not boots.

Throwing down your favorite wakestyle tricks is what the Addict was built for, and loading up the edge you will find that there is plenty of bite and it really whips you up skywards on release. The amount of pop really did surprise us – but once you have this dialed in you can really use it to buy yourself some more time in the air and help to get those rotations in. Landings are pretty smooth with the channels absorbing the impact well and displacing the water to stop you getting bounced, and we found that it wasn’t too jarring on the knees. The Addict looks quite chunky but weight is slightly below average for this type of bombproof wakestyle board.

In a sentence: We continue to be impressed by the boards coming out of CrazyFly’s European factory and the Addict is no exception – if you’re looking for a no compromise wakestyle board then the Addict should be on your list.

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