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CF bulldozer featured 2 - CrazyFly Bulldozer

The 2018 Bulldozer is a great looking board and for us CrazyFly are right at the top of the pile right now with the quality of their designs. But it’s not all about what’s on the outside. For 2018 CrazyFly have given the Bulldozer a complete makeover with a new shape and new material layup. There is a new deeper concave running through the center which combines with new V channels to help with grip and with water dispersion, and the tips are also modified to break up the water and to help you land smoothly. Aside from the shape, the 2018 Bulldozer also incorporates some new materials. There is uni-directional Kevlar running the length of the board, as well as carbon ‘Spread Tow’ reinforcements in the center to increase pop and responsiveness. The Bulldozer can be ridden with CrazyFly’s Hexa Bindings, but it is really targeted at the boots brigade who will be able to push the wakestyle focused board to its limits.

On the water and we found that the concave has really given the Bulldozer a more comfortable and smooth ride. This was particularly noticeable in choppier conditions where the previous Bulldozer could be a little bit ‘slappy’. This, combined with the Split V channels, also resulted in some quite surprising upwind performance. These purer wakestyle boards are never going to fly upwind, but the Bulldozer really held its own in this department. When it is time to load and pop you can head off the wind, turn on the power, and the Bulldozer really accelerates! It is a very stiff board and as soon as you give it the chance that transfers in to some pretty raw power. Power that you can then transfer into the pop which is very impressive, you can load and load the edge and it will keep on taking it and then when you release you get a lovely spring and the Bulldozer is away. It’s not a particularly heavy board (2.8kg for the 140) so it doesn’t feel heavy in the air and you can confidently go for your wakestyle tricks, then the landing is smooth – the shape of the tips and the tip channels should stop you from catching anything if you’ve got things lined up right.

In a sentence: A superb looking board and it’s great to see some innovations from CrazyFly in terms of both shape and materials – if you want to ride hard then the Bulldozer should be on your list.

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