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The CrazyFly Elite III is a high-end freeride board that radiates excellence and status. It is a masterpiece in extreme lightweight engineering, featuring the finest carbon fiber technology upon its ultra-light, double concaved, Paulownia and air core foundation. This board exudes luxury, arriving in a hard case, mounted and ready to go, allowing you to maximize your time on the water and minimize faff. Once on the water, you are in for a fast, agile and smooth ride. 

This responsive board gives a load-and-pop that does not fail to disappoint. The lightweight locked-in feeling of the board underfoot allows for textbook inversions and seamless heel-to-toe carving transitions. You would be forgiven for assuming that this carving and popping dream compromises on comfort, but this board also cuts through chop impressively. Its double concave bottom delivers a comfortable ride not often achieved by high performance carbon boards. Its extreme lightweight nature makes for a fast, agile and playful ride. By using their patent pending Air Core Technology to hollow hexagonal sections out of the Paulownia wood core, the CrazyFly Elite III is not only unfathomably light but also has longitudinal and torsional flex that makes for smooth sailing. 

This board has a premium application of carbon. Two layers of carbon are applied to the top and base of the board. The first layer, a 45 degree angled CompFlex 4T5, stiffens the torsional flex, keeping it sharp through heel-to-toe transitions. The second layer uses ultra-thin and very high tensile strength HMX-CF2 carbon for longitudinal strength and reflex. This combination of premium carbon laminates are applied pre-preg to ensure that only the optimum amount of resin is used to keep weight low and performance high. The result is a fine tuned, responsive and agile board. Whether you are heading out for a cruise, boosting high or pulling some freestyle maneuvers, this unique board will have you out there all day.  

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