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CrazyFly have now established their Hyper model into something of a boosting benchmark. There are relatively few high-aspect five-strut kites left on the market, so when we get to test them in decent conditions it’s something of a treat. With the Covid enforced UK based test this year we got to take the Hyper out in some dense cold wind and it didn’t disappoint.

CrazyFly are a proudly European brand, and with in-house production in Slovakia the attention to detail is absolutely apparent as you first glance over the kite. The high contrast color of the stitching leaves zero room for error and is a bold testament to how well manufactured these kites are. The three-year warranty remains, which is unique in the industry. Materials-wise, it is sporting Teijin D3 ripstop and some unique Arptex patches over key wear areas. Another joyous addition is the new Airlock valve, which makes inflation as easy as it gets for a five strutter and may be familiar from iSUPs. In the spirit of 2021, there has been some weight saving implemented, noticeable in the trailing edge of the kite, which is now two layers of ripstop instead of heavier Dacron. As an example, they have shaved 400g off in the 12m, which is no mean feat.

In the 9m we tested, that weight saving was quite apparent, and makes for an earlier flying and generally more alert Hyper. Revised bridling and hang points have improved the steering response and handling no end, and it will now shunt that rigid frame around the wind window with a newfound ease which is impressive for a no excuses high-aspect kite with such an emphasized wide span. There is still zero flex in the airframe, and even in the bitter top end of the wind range there is barely a wobble. Boosting is obviously top of the menu and it performs even tighter than previously. The more reactive steering means redirection of power is more instant, giving you more upward acceleration and considerable hangtime. Bar pressure has most definitely been reduced from last year making the whole user experience easier to access. The handling improvements mean that kite loops, whilst still requiring commitment, are far less scary than previously.

CrazyFly have made some great improvements to the Hyper this year. They have retained the character of the previous kite and made it far more agile. It is great to see product with such acute design focus as the Hyper. With some big boosting kites feeling a little homogenized, CrazyFly have stuck to outright lift performance and really kept with the formula, and this rework is much to their credit. If big boosting and airtime is your focus, this is a kite that continues to really justify itself in the category.

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