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Long established Slovakian kite brand CrazyFly have had the Infinity range in the brand for a few years now, and build the kites in their very own on-site production facility. It sports the lightest weight per size in the CrazyFly range, and the emphasis is on light wind and low end, and has applications across various riding styles and boards.

As usual with CrazyFly, they are not afraid to push out on a design tangent, and it is the highest aspect bow-shaped low-wind specific kite we’ve seen and looks like it may have inherited some DNA from the Hyper. The twin strut design is an interesting concept that you don’t see that often, leaving a large clean and useful area in the middle of the canopy with two small struts tucked just on the inside of the wingtips to firm things up in the canopy. The bridle and arc design means the air frame really does not move much and there is zero flapping. The eye on weight saving compared to the other models is evident, with smaller Arptex patches across the leading edge segments and a bare minimum of Dacron in the tips. Most of the kite is made up of Triplex rip stop, which seems to have a really decent coating and there is a pronounced load seam running across the front third of the canopy linking the smaller profiles section immediately behind the leading edge. On the larger two kites in the range there is an optional fifth line to aid relaunch and further support the wide span in the center. The ruthlessly effortless Airlock valve may well be familiar to any iSUP owners out there and provides the easiest inflate and deflate on the market. 

The Infinity is an exceptionally efficient feeling kite in the air with light bar pressure. After a minimal power stroke it picks up your speed rapidly. With a foil, that high-aspect design flies a long way forward and you can achieve some frankly ridiculous upwind angles. Swapping feet around the corners is as simple as it gets, as there is great power on sheet to give you those all-important few seconds of weightlessness. It is a soft and consistent power delivery ideal for freeriding.

Handling-wise, the Infinity provides a steady turning response, and the lack of twist in the airframe means that it pivots around the wingtip rather than the center of the kite and provides a smooth drawn out power response. With a twintip, you have access to nice floaty jumps and the tight airframe. As you would expect the Infinity is a kite that thrives in its low end – we were beetling around comfortably on the 9m and twintip in 12 knots. It is an undisputable freeride weapon in the low end and will worry race kites upwind on a foil.

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