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Could the Raptor LTD be a new definition for light boards? Quite possibly. This is CrazyFly’s ultra-light full carbon board for freeriders and freestylers. CompFlex 4T5 is part of what makes The Raptor LTD so light, requiring less epoxy to layer the carbon, meaning less weight altogether than older models.

A low centered rocker and wide outline make The Raptor LTD fast. To help it give some good grip driving upwind and popping, it utilizes an elliptical double concave and double V tips. Holding its speed well when riding powered, The Raptor LTD is a lively board. Being so light it feels tiny on your feet, feeling ever more so when you’re airborne, which is not difficult as the Raptor loves to boost, although with a low rocker, the Raptor LTD is less progressive in the pop and needs more of a spring to flick you up into the air. To smooth out the landings, the double concave base does a good job, but you can get some slap on landings unassisted by the kite. Riders used to more rocker in their boards will find this most noticeable, though a direct point downwind on landing should see you riding out of your jumps with style 

The Raptor wants to spend most of your session in the air, and will have you craving to boost and fly, when you do come down though,  you will be pleasantly surprised by the playful ride and carving capabilities of the Raptor too…

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