Duotone Evo Concept Blue

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Duotone Evo 1 - Duotone Evo Concept Blue

Duotone’s Evo has done them well, with Andrea Principi taking home the ‘Triology’ title – GKA World Champ, Megaloop Challenge and King of the Air – all accomplished on the Evo. It is known for its versatility and performance across various riding styles, including freestyle, freeride and wave riding, and is designed to deliver high levels of power, stability and responsiveness, making it suitable for both beginner and advanced riders.

With its innovative design features and advanced materials, the Duotone Evo offers great control, smooth power delivery and reliable performance in a wide range of wind conditions. The construction consists of Duotone’s new undyed materials, which is a first for kites in their sustainability conscious line, plus bio-based bladders and recycled plastic components. Even with these materials it has not affected the build standards of this kite, showing great and well-built construction all-round.

So how did it ride?! After first flight we were impressed by the kite’s versatility. The 8m delivered speed and constancy through the turns, with just the right amount of bar pressure. On a twintip we were able to bust out freeride moves with ease, and on the wave board it behaved admirably as well, performing smoothly and consistently in the air. We were out in over 35 knots and didn’t once feel out of control, which gave us added confidence to boost and loop with no fear of the kite reacting in a way that it shouldn’t.

The 8m came alive after 20 knots, while in lighter winds there was a slight lack in bar pressure. If you are a heavier rider, you could hold it down in 40 knots. All considered, the kite has a good wind range. It also allowed for easy upwind sailing, as it sits a bit further forward in the wind window. The kite drifts reasonably well, considering you would only need drift when wave riding; you could take it out for a wave session and while you might not get the same experience you would on a wave-specific kite, it is pretty good for an all-rounder.

Between 25 to 35 knots is where the 8m really excelled. Looping was very predictable and controllable. It flew right up to catch you with no doubts of ever stalling. The heli-loops were crazy, it felt like you could keep going and it would never drop you, so a 10 out of 10 rating here! The kite slacks out well when unhooking and throwing some handle passes. It is not a dedicated freestyle kite but does the job admirably for an all-rounder.

The Evo never felt unstable; even in gusty winds hitting 40 knots, it stood strong and held its shape well, really giving the rider a great flight experience. The feedback through the bar was ideal. The rider can feel where the kite is through the bar without having to look at the kite. When performing kiteloops and difficult tricks, it was always predictable through the bar.

We had no problems on relaunching from the water; the kite is forgiving and easy to get back up in the air even in lighter winds.

The Evo’s purpose is to be a versatile and all round kite, delivering in every discipline of kiteboarding. It meets its intended design and caters to the needs of kiters across all levels doing any discipline. Duotone have hit the nail on the head.

Duotone Evo Concept Blue - Duotone Evo Concept Blue
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