Duotone Gonzales

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Duotone Gonzales - Duotone Gonzales

I think we all remember the moment we got pulled out of the water for the first time, the ultimate rush of looking down and noticing that we were actually standing up on a kiteboard. It’s a memory etched in every rider’s soul. The Gonzales reignited that forgotten memory of falling in love with kiting, that pure pleasure and drive for a sport that changed our lives completely. A sense of pure joy.

We generally find that boards directed at beginner riders lack the excitement that intermediate/advanced boards incorporate, but the Gonzales is definitely an exception to that rule. Duotone truly understands how important it is to embrace simplicity when it comes to creating the ultimate freeride experience, and even though the Gonzales leans towards the entry-level side approach, the gradual concave bottom embraces that experience no matter your level. This bottom shape is by far one of the most user-friendly profiles in the lineup, sharing similar properties to the slightly more aggressive bottom on the premium freeride boards the Select and Soleil. On the water we felt that the slightly less aggressive concave allowed the board to be an incredibly comfortable ride; especially whilst riding downwind we noticed that the board had impressive directional stability. The gradual concave allows greater contact points with the water, resulting in a connected feeling no matter the conditions. This added surface area allowed us to get the board planing early, which is incredibly important in an entry-level board; not only does it help the beginner rider, but it allows for improved performance in even the lightest of winds. A surprising characteristic was how playful and flexible the Gonzales was on the water. This was greatly due to the soft to medium-flex combination, a perfect balance between performance and comfort. From edging into your very first jumps, to the sketchy lands that come with learning, the flex pattern allows for an ultra-forgiving board that will give you not only the confidence but the comfort to spend hours on the water regardless of the conditions. Butter-smooth Brazilian lagoons to the choppy current-filled waters of Ireland, the Gonzales will be your trusted friend no matter what.

The Gonzales comes in a range of five sizes making sure you have the optimized board for your progression journey, the sizes ranging from 130 up to 151. We tested the 142 x 43 and definitely felt like the board was significantly lighter than the previous model; this is thanks to a construction of 0-90 Biax Glass and 45° Biax Glass resulting in the ultimate equilibrium of comfort, weight and durability. Overall, the Gonzales excels as not only an entry-level board but a go-to board in lightwind conditions. The simplistic playful design offers a progressive journey that can support your kiteboarding journey for years to come.

02 Duotone Gonzales - Duotone Gonzales
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