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It would be hard for any kiter to begin the testing process on the 2021 Jaime without any preconception. The Jaime has been a flagship Duotone twintip model seemingly since the beginning of mainstream kiting, and for good reason. The 2021 model could have been delivered without graphic or branding but its give-away features, that have evolved over years of development, make it recognizable in a second. It is therefore no surprise that the current model is a versatile twintip that excels in terms of both ride feel, ride comfort and performance. 

The 2021 model feels lighter than ever before in the hand, and even more alive on the water. The Jaime trademark core shape, rocker line, outline, and quad channel influenced tip shape all work in conjunction with the well-balanced medium flex pattern (both longitudinal and torsional) resulting in a high performance but forgiving board. Beginners or those in the mood to cruise can mow the lawn comfortably and ride upwind without trouble on the Jaime, but it really comes alive and rewards you when you ride it a bit faster and push your limits. The rocker line allows it to carve hard into wind on takeoff, and the flex tips make for a clean water release resulting in explosive pop, hooked or unhooked. When you do make use of the pop, you can be safe in the knowledge that the double diffusor bottom shaping will soften the landing. The board is comfortable in chop and feels locked-in without any hint of jarring through the knees or ankles. 

The Jaime is a board that inspires confidence in the hands of intermediates and still feels at home when landing powered handle passes. Select the Jaime and you’ll likely lose one knot from your bottom end wind range compared to some other intermediate freeride boards, but you’ll gain bags of performance in return and have a board that you’re very unlikely to outgrow.

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