Duotone Jaime SLS

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Duotone Jaime - Duotone Jaime SLS

For nearly two decades, the Duotone Jaime has stood as the flagship model within the Duotone range and an icon in the kiteboarding world, renowned for its versatility and unmatched performance. Now with the SLS treatment and back for 2024, we checked what’s under the hood of the latest evolution of this legendary twintip board.

The acronym ‘SLS’ stands for ‘strong, light, superior’ and these qualities are immediately evident in the board’s construction. Crafted from a blend of Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra carbon fiber, this board is not only incredibly robust but also remarkably lightweight, resulting in great agility, responsiveness and enhanced pop on the water.

At first glance, the Jaime SLS may appear similar to other twintip boards on the market, but it is the meticulous attention to detail that sets it apart. One standout feature is its angled fins, which improve grip and translate into better upwind performance and enhanced pop. Moreover, the CNC-profiled base edges strategically position the rails at the tips, optimizing the board’s angle in the water for enhanced control and stability. Complemented by a meticulously crafted board base featuring channels that mimic the function of fins, the Jaime SLS offers exceptional grip and precise directional stability in any conditions. Additionally, the double-diffuser bottom ensures smooth and controlled landings, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Our testing of the Jaime SLS across various riding styles and conditions revealed its remarkable versatility and performance. Whether riding flat water or tackling choppy seas, the Jaime SLS excelled, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. Its medium to hard flex offers a great balance of responsiveness and stability, guaranteeing peak performance for riders of all skill levels. However, it’s crucial to underscore the significance of choosing the right size to unlock its full potential, so if you have a chance to demo a couple of sizes to find the one that works best for you, then we’d definitely say that’s a good plan.

Where the Jaime SLS truly shines is in its exceptional pop in Big Air, offering additional grip during takeoffs for higher and more vertical jumps. Landings are consistently smooth and controlled, even when touching down at high speeds downwind. All this coupled with its effortless upwind riding capabilities offers an unparalleled experience for freeriders and Big Air enthusiasts alike.

In summary, the Duotone Jaime SLS deserves a prime spot on your list if you’re seeking a high-performance board tailored for freeride and Big Air adventures. Boasting exceptional comfort, effortless upwind capabilities and impressive pop, particularly in overpowered conditions.

Duotone Jaime SLS - Duotone Jaime SLS
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