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The Juice has been the mainstay in the Duotone product range for a while now as the lightwind-specific LEI.  This year they’ve shaved off 25% of the overall weight, which for a high surface area kite specifically designed for low-end use is a significant reduction. They have also added the Flex Struts that traverse other models of the Duotone range this season. Interestingly, the Juice served as the test bed for the Flex Strut among other development concepts, as the effects were most dramatic on a larger kite in light wind. 

For a 15m kite, the Juice packs down small and is noticeably light in the bag. We tested it with the super clean Click bar on standard line length. Tailoring your Juice size to your quiver and body weight and proposed usage is important, as it’s designed to be a quiver topper, sitting over your chosen model as the all-encompassing lightwind kite. Your average 80kgs twintip rider is probably only going to require the 15m; heavier riders also have the option of a 17m if necessary with the tipping point of around 95kgs. 

In the raw low end, if there’s enough wind for the Juice to fly and climb reliably, you will almost certainly make it upwind with a decent sized twintip. It is a kite that thrives from apparent wind, and makes initiating a power stoke very easy. As soon as the kite is moving across the window there is a surprising amount of smooth power on tap, and it is a kite that feels eager to fly and be thrown around particularly considering its size. It generates useful power on the upstroke, and you can really take advantage of edging it up the window and creaming upwind. With all that canopy above you jumps are predictably lofty and controlled with really excellent hangtime. The long throw on the Click bar suits the Juice well, as you can really take advantage of all that lift on sheet available.

In the top end the Juice holds its composure well and you don’t need to step down a size too early. As a lightwind kite for unhooked riding, it is extremely impressive to pop against and makes such an expansive canopy feel very versatile and pleasant to use. It feels eager to fly, and doesn’t require much coaxing to generate power for aggressive edging and loading. It is going to extend your trick repertoire on those days where you may not have even bothered going out.

On a foil, as soon as you can get the board up onto the surface it’s off, and surprisingly quick in a straight line. There is plenty of power dump available, and we were surprised at how much you could hold down, and for a big unit you can edge it upwind very well. For more power-hungry beginner foilers who perhaps lack the finesse to use a smaller kite effectively it is a perfect sturdy platform to boot around on.

Far removed from your average lightwind tank of yesteryear or a scaled version of the existing model in the range, the Juice is a bespoke lightwind solution with high accessibility for all. Although uncomplicated to use, it feels like an elegant and futuristic design. Think of the Juice as an on-demand power source; it has a magic ability to generate a useful pulse when and where you require it without any complaint.

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