Duotone Rebel SLS 2022

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Duotone Rebel SLS 2022 - Duotone Rebel SLS 2022

For 2022 Duotone has brought us the Rebel with updates like never before and it is now available in SLS construction only, intending to become the best Big Air kite on the market. With its boosting abilities, this Big Air and performance freeride kite has a long heritage of sending people to space, but the 2022 SLS model makes the jumping experience even more accessible.

The well-known Rebel went through one of the most significant makeovers last year. The primary change is a Stronger Lighter Superior upgrade of this freeride performance kite. With a stiffer frame due to Penta TX material and Trinity TX canopy, the Rebel feels lighter and more stable in the air, improving its performance both in the low and top end of the range. We also noticed a slight update in the profile of the five-strut construction which, in addition to the Flex Struts solution, makes the kite more agile in the air. With the adaptive tip settings and double V wingtips, the pigtails connection steering of the Rebel is smooth and very responsive.

Out of the bag, the Rebel definitely feels lighter with the new SLS construction and claims to be 15% lighter than the old, regular model. The new Penta TX frame felt solid and very stiff after pumping the kite a little over the recommended seven PSI. In the air the first feeling is that the kite is relatively fast and responsive. The light-to-medium bar pressure allowed us to ride comfortably for hours without completely destroying our arms. The Rebel was already impressive with its power delivery and boosting capabilities, but the SLS model felt like it was letting us take off even higher. The stiffer profile of the kite with its lighter and significantly faster flying allowed us to send the kite even more aggressively, generating extremely explosive takeoffs. Luckily with the Rebel, you don’t have to worry about dropping down fast – the high-aspect ratio of the kite makes it almost hang in the air with smooth floaty falling, perfect for any board-off tricks that benefit from this extra time in the air. The weight improvement was noticeable in performing any kite loop maneuvers, with the kite climbing up and catching us faster than previous years’ models.

This kite, without any doubt, jumps huge and is quite fast for a five-strut kite, but the Rebel is not only about performance. We still felt like the kite was predictable and stable in the air and offered easy and comfortable handling. The SLS construction also benefits the low and top end of the Rebel’s extensive wind range. The lightness of the kite allows it to fly in even lighter wind and improves the speed of power strokes, allowing faster acceleration on the water. Meanwhile, the top end benefits from the stiffer frame that holds the shape of the kite in stronger gusty winds, allowing the jump to being loaded with even more power and boost even higher. The kite feels very user-friendly and allows relaunch with effortless input on the bar.

The 2022 Rebel SLS brings a refreshed, lighter and stronger boosting machine into Big Air kiting. This kite with amazing depower and a wide wind range not only excels in delivering big lofty jumps but also in its stability and comfortable handling. While made for performance freeride, it should also be tried by beginner riders who want to take their freeride to the next level, because the ease and predictability of the kite will unquestionably help get those extra meters in the air.

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