Duotone Rebel SLS

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Duotone Rebel SLS - Duotone Rebel SLS

The Duotone Rebel stands as a pinnacle in the realm of Big Air and freeride high-performance kites, boasting a rich history of over 17 years in production. Throughout its evolution, the kite has undergone substantial changes, yet its fundamental DNA remains intact – characterized by being user-friendly, with exceptional lift, extended hangtime, and substantial depower capabilities.

Duotone’s commitment to innovation is reflected in their three levels of construction: Original, SLS, and D/LAB. The 2024 Rebel exclusively features the SLS construction, replacing the standard industry Dacron with PentaTX, a Dacron 15% lighter and 50% stiffer. This shift enhances the kite’s flying characteristics, broadening its range of use by reducing weight. The outcome is remarkable low-end performance and an impressive top end, facilitated by its rigid frame.

There are tuning options, allowing riders to adjust turning speed and bar pressure effortlessly by moving knots on the kite pigtails, and the kite still offers the choice of a four or five-line setup. Our testing experience suggested the S/M size bar for 9m or below, while the L size bar proved optimal for 10m or larger. For focused Big Air riders, the L bar emerges as a consistent preference across the entire quiver. The introduction of Flex Struts remains a noteworthy feature, incorporating softer materials on the tip struts to enhance bending and twisting for smoother turning responses. In the latest Rebel, the Flex Strut has undergone a redesign to counterbalance frame stiffness, imparting a playful character across the entire window and ensuring direct, responsive kite control in all conditions.

In response to the burgeoning Big Air movement, the Rebel has undergone adjustments to cater to loops and more technical Big Air maneuvers. Formerly not the top choice for such moves, the Rebel now stands out for its enhanced speed and tighter loops, positioning it as a winner at Big Air events. Our extensive testing across different sizes and wind conditions reaffirmed the Rebel’s responsiveness and stiffness, even in challenging gusty conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for heavier riders, as the kite maintains its shape and responsiveness under load.

The Rebel’s standout feature is its great jumping capability. The latest Rebel SLS makes jumping effortless, providing substantial lift and enormous jumps with ease. Even if you’re not executing every jumping detail perfectly, this kite will still take you up to the sky. The kite instills a constant sense of control, boosting confidence to explore stylish movements. Even in powered conditions, quick and linear depowering is achieved by sheeting out on the bar. The Rebel’s unique ability to climb back up the window after loops enhances accessibility, allowing riders to progress safely and quickly, even in their initial attempts at looping.

For 2024 Duotone has evolved the Rebel yet further, catering to riders across all skill levels. It serves as an excellent first kite post-lessons, facilitating easy upwind riding and providing a broad wind range with reliable relaunch capabilities. For intermediate riders, the Rebel’s jumping prowess encourages going bigger, even if the execution of every step isn’t flawless. Advanced riders will find the Rebel as a great tool to break WOO records and push the limits.

Looking at the pure performance of the new Rebel, it stands out as a superb low-end option for foiling to freeride, delivering impressive jumps even in lighter winds. In intermediate winds, the kite becomes more dynamic and playful, with even some strapless freestyle riders opting for it due to its ease of jumps, extended hangtime, and swift recoveries during downloops. In strong winds, the Rebel transforms into a beast, propelling riders to new heights and keeping them airborne for an exhilarating duration. If you want to take your twintip riding to the next level, the 2024 Duotone Rebel is one of the best contenders on the market.


Duotone Rebel SLS 2024 - Duotone Rebel SLS
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