Duotone Select 2023

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Duotone Select 1 - Duotone Select 2023

The Duotone Select has once again turned things up a notch, delivering a freeriding experience that incorporates state-of-the-art technology with the knowledge of how to translate that into a board that heightens your overall experience on the water. The 2023 Select boards see a renewed outline that rides 3cm longer than last year’s model, which allows for smoother landings and earlier planing to get you up and riding in lighter winds. This ability to ride in lighter winds not only allows you to have more time on the water but increases your ability to edge, resulting in a board that will see you popping hard and higher than the previous year’s model.

Talking about the pop, it’s hard to ignore the Select’s even larger Space Flex Tips that morph the rocker line as you move through the water. Holding the board up to the sun gives you a clear idea of exactly what this Space Flex technology looks like whilst out on the water – it is all about feeling them flex as you knife your way into carves. This unique construction not only brings performance enhancements but allows for an overall more user-friendly experience from damping chop and saving those knees, to softening even some of the more out-of-control landings.

Riding the Select we were impressed how dynamic and alive this board felt under our feet; the bi-axel glass fiber construction is paired up with a tip-to-tip carbon beam that has truly dialed in the performance of this board by allowing for the perfect flex pattern not only laterally but torsionally. This torsional flex delivers a superior upwind experience by allowing more surface area to engage as you dig your heels in. Duotone truly understands how important it is to embrace simplicity when it comes to creating the ultimate freeride experience; in this mold they have stuck true to their mono-concave stepped bottom. This stepped mono concave is by far one of the most user-friendly profiles we have ridden; as soon as we leaned into the edges, the concave provided greater contact points with the water, generating more effective and powerful edge control that allowed us to cut sharper turns, transition from edge to edge quicker, and knife more aggressively into takeoffs. The hydrodynamics of the mono concave create a central channel or “V” in the bottom of the Select that effectively channels water flow along the length of the board allowing water to efficiently flow from the front to the back, reducing drag and increasing board speed.

The 2023 Select freeride board offers comfort, pace, and thrilling performance no matter your level of riding. The narrower and longer outline improves handling and edge control while providing superior upwind capabilities. The enlarged Space Flex window adds damping and a suspension-like feel without sacrificing performance on those choppier days. The Select is ideal for your light wind session as it gets you up and out of the water. Overall, this is a board that – no matter the conditions – you are guaranteed to have fun on.

Duotone Select - Duotone Select 2023
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