Duotone Select SLS 138

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Duotone’s SLS products have caused quite the stir in 2021 and Duotone claim they represent “another dimension of innovation, product design and quality”. It is always interesting to see what the designers and manufacturers can produce when the financial budget is extended and they are free to utilize typically out of reach resources and top-quality materials. Often these innovations are forged during the development of products for the elite riders, but Duotone have given the Select the ‘Stronger Lighter Superior’ treatment right from the beginning. The result is the fast but forgiving ride that the Select is known for, but the Select SLS feels so much more alive. 

The Select SLS accelerates with ease even in marginal conditions thanks to its classic outline and flat bottom shape. It encourages you upwind with a locked-in feel as soon as a rail is engaged, and it maintains speed well even with solid heel pressure. Not to say the Select SLS can’t control its speed when the wind picks up as it feels at home powered up in both flat water and chop. The board provides fantastic feedback to the rider through the feet and responds to rider input immediately, presumably thanks to the Textreme Innegra Carbon layup. This results in the Select SLS being very comfortable ridden at speed, and this speed translates into surprising amounts of pop. 

Whilst the regular Select is a great choice for the majority of riders who spend their twintip riding time hooked in (including those fairly new to the sport), the Select SLS feels a more energetic and responsive version of the classic. If finances aren’t of concern and you’re looking for the best possible sensation out of every session, the SLS version is a no brainer.

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