Eleveight Master C+ V5

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Eleveight Master - Eleveight Master C+ V5

The Master C+’s state-of-the-art carbon construction establishes it as the most premium twintip in the Eleveight lineup. Plus, thanks to this year’s striking new graphics, you are guaranteed to turn heads on and off the water. Eleveight remains at the cutting edge of our sport, producing one of the lightest high-performing crossover boards in the market, featuring a Super Fly 3D Paulownia wood core that has been milled to precision to significantly reduce the weight whilst aerospace-grade carbon delivers the performance synonymous with the Master C+ range.

The massive pop generated from the Master C+ is thanks to an impressive lineup of features, starting with their rounded-tipped elliptical outline synonymous with performance freestyle. These medium flex tips have been optimized to create some serious explosive vertical pop by transferring the energy from their double-stepped channels down the center of the board, allowing you to load up, whilst water is rapidly redirected through the double concave at speed.

The Master C+ delivers a dynamic medium flex pattern with unique characteristics as a result of the strategic use of beveled/stepped rails. The multiple changes in width down the rail allow the C+ to define specific stiffer and softer flex zones giving you flex right where you need it. Not only do the beveled rails allow a unique flex pattern but they knife you upwind with ease whilst giving you that extra grip to bite just that second longer on the take-offs, boosting you to the moon. Performance was clearly a priority to Eleveight when they dreamed up the Master C+, resulting in a board that keeps advanced riders stoked to push their limits whilst at the same time giving confidence to intermediate riders starting to explore their freestyle journey.

Freestyle is notoriously brutal on the knees, evidently obvious thanks to the notable fashion trend adopted by the old guard: knee braces. The Master C+ feels like we just took out knee insurance thanks to its butter-smooth landings, made possible by the combination of its double concave base that absorbs bucketloads of impact on landings, paired with a harder reversed flex that reduces the amount of torsional flex on the more complex of landings.

Laced up in boots, we put the 139×42 Master C+ to the ultimate crossover test. From our very first hit off 2ft kickers, we discovered a board that has kept its freestyle flare at heart whilst taming the unruly behavior of most performance carbon boards. The board felt impressively alive under our feet, an uncommon occurrence for a board designed to do it all. We found the 45mm fins a little too big for our wake-styled approach but thanks to the Master C+’s FireFin inserts, changing fins requires zero tools and we slotted in a smaller set. The multi-stage rocker not only got us planing early, a session saver for the lighter days, but kept the board playful no matter the conditions. The Master C+ has been dialed in a little more for a Big Air freestyle approach and we would recommend pairing the board with the anti-slip EVA Airgo foot straps for the most comfortable of rides.

The Master C+ is designed to perform in a wide array of conditions, without hindering your performance. From pushing your limits in Big Air, to unleashing an explosive unhooked experience, the Master C+ is perfect for experienced riders wanting to advance their abilities whilst still being supportive enough for an intermediate rider to have fun in everyday situations.

Eleveight Master C - Eleveight Master C+ V5
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