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The Eleveight Process is the definition of a freeride progression board. This is the board that we all know we should get to improve our riding, but we often skip because we aspire to ride what our idols have strapped to their feet. The Process will have you up and riding quickly, and will help you learn to get upwind, control the board, and just go, so you can work on some of the other aspects of your riding without the board being a distraction.

Although there are double step channels and a mono-concave, the bottom feels very flat, and as a result if you push the speeds and attack the chop, it will not be as stable as some of the higher performance boards. But what you sacrifice in high-end performance you gain in accessibility, comfort and control for the riding you are likely to be doing if you choose the Process. You might expect more spray than a deep channeled board as is often the case with the flatter profiles, but we were satisfied that spray was directed away from the rider, although at speeds in the flat it was noticeable on the back of the trailing lower leg, but no higher than the knee.

The size range varies from a 132×39.5 to 144×44 so all riders are accounted for, and the straps are just as wide ranging, something that was a pleasant surprise as we like to make sure the bindings work well for the smallest and largest of feet. The Elevate AirGo straps were incredibly easy to mount with a number of positioning options for the straps and most importantly, they allowed a tight snug fit with the double straps.

Overall the Process impressed the test team – it’s an ‘accessible’ board that doesn’t patronize the rider: there is a lot of thought that has gone into this board and if everyone was completely honest about their abilities it is probably the right kind of board for about 90% of twintip riders!

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