Eleveight RS V8

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Elevight RS - Eleveight RS V8

The RS is the flagship and best-selling kite from Eleveight. Designed to be a versatile all-rounder, this three-strut kite boasts a medium to high aspect ratio, making it adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

Constructed with precision and durability in mind, the RS boasts a combination of standard Dacron on the leading edge and a robust 4×4 weave canopy fabric, ensuring exceptional tear resistance and durability. Strategically-placed reinforcements further enhance its longevity, promising peak performance throughout its lifespan.

The RS’s design incorporates a short bridle with a five-point pulley-free setup, maximizing agility and responsiveness while maintaining direct bar control. With different customizable options tailored to your preferences and spot conditions, the RS offers impressive versatility. Choose between three front-bridle settings for either freeride, freestyle or wave, complemented by two options for varying backline position to suit your desired bar pressure and speed.

Now, let’s hit the water! From the moment you inflate the kite, meticulous attention to detail is evident at every turn. Tested across a diverse range of conditions and disciplines, the RS proves itself to be nimble, reactive and surprisingly light on the bar. Notably, the kite’s depower capabilities are remarkable, providing a sense of control even in wild gusts. You’ll feel in total command, no matter the wind conditions. Freeriders will appreciate the RS’s comfort and adaptability across all conditions. With ample power on the low end and significant depower on the high end, it offers a smooth, seamless and enjoyable experience. For those seeking Big Air, the RS delivers impressive lift and hangtime, coupled with precise turning for mastering kiteloops and beyond while feeling safe.

Just by moving a knot on the front bridle, in waves, the RS shines with its quick turning, exceptional depower, and drift capabilities, making it well-suited for onshore or side-on small to medium waves. When engaging in unhooked freestyle tricks, the kite pleasantly surprised us by providing ample slack after the pop. While it may not possess the characteristics of a traditional five-line C-shaped kite, it certainly delivers enough performance to enjoy some freestyle sessions and offers ample room for progression and fun sessions.

And what about beginners? Fear not, the RS is the perfect kite to transition to after lessons. Its impressive upwind capabilities and easy water relaunch make it easy to handle, while its blend of power, depower and user-friendliness ensures a smooth learning curve for your first sessions and beyond.

Testing the RS has been a breath of fresh air, offering a true all-rounder experience. In an era where many do-it-all kites seem to prioritize Big Air performance at the expense of versatility, the RS stands out as a beacon of balance, thriving in diverse disciplines often overlooked by the market. Whether you’re craving flat-water freestyle, seeking adrenaline-fueled Big Air sessions, or chasing waves on your surfboard, the RS rises with finesse, adaptability and true versatility.

Eleveight RS V8 - Eleveight RS V8
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