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It is no secret that F-ONE have been right at the fore of the hydrofoil game. Continuing their commitment to this discipline, they have developed a kite which is aimed firmly at this market. The Breeze is a single strut kite available in three sizes: 11, 13 and 15m and flies on the Monolith bar.

First impressions are: wow, there is nothing to this kite – you have to hunt for it in the bag! It is incredibly light with reduced reinforcements, and with the loss of weight and bulk that comes with only having one strut. The LE is then supported by a beefy bridle, with four attachment points and three pulleys per side. The tips are relatively wide and the graphics are similar in style to this year’s Bandit.

In the air the Breeze feels quite firm on the bar but keeps the same smooth direct feel that the Bandit has. We had the 13m and found that it would fly in about six knots of wind! Due to the weight and shape of the Breeze it sits at the zenith with incredible stability and has no signs of overflying, and this gave us plenty of confidence to get the Breeze out with a foil. The Breeze doesn’t have that initial low end power, but after a few power strokes its comes to life and generates smooth consistent pull and flies fast through the window.

The true beauty in the Breeze is that it can hold power so well and never feels like you lose control, it really does give you confidence… Many other lightwind or single strut kites tend to not have a great top in favor of more low end power, but we found that the Breeze would just keep on going. Depower was also impressive – again this can be less good on lightwind kites – and the wide tips mean that the Breeze also turns very smoothly. Upwind performance was obviously very good when ridden with a hydrofoil, but we’d be confident that it would perform just as well with a twintip or a surfboard. We had a few crashes on the Breeze just to check how it would respond. It showed no signs of getting the center to lie flat and hinder relaunch and was also happy to backward relaunch which is a real asset for this style of kite.

In a sentence: For us the Breeze is one of our favorite lightwind kites on the market and should be on the wish list of any self-respecting foiler.

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