F-ONE Furtive

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The Furtive is a new kite from F-ONE and it is designed to do two things: go high and go fast! It is super-high aspect and has five struts to really lock things down and ensure that the kite holds its shape and delivers maximum power. It utilizes F-ONE’s W5 bridle which is designed to bring together the function of a bridle with the stability of a 5th line to deliver maximum depower and minimum distortion to the Leading Edge.

We rode the kite firstly with a twin tip, and it is a beast! It likes to go very, very fast. As you accelerate the Furtive finds itself hunting out the edge of the window and just going further forward and faster and faster – it does feel very similar to the Diablo in this department and creates the kind of upwind angles that you can usually only dream of on a twin tip. At speed it remains very solid, and the W5 bridle keeps things in check and delivers a smooth and quick depower – which you will need. When it comes to sending the kite, the Furtive is a rocket ship and for pure out and out boosting you couldn’t ask for much more. The Furtive is a ‘kite flyers’ kite and to get the most out of it you really have to know how to fly a kite properly, but when you get it right you know about it. We also had some foil sessions with the Furtive where again it delivered oodles of power – when you are up and going it just wants to go, and you need to foil fast enough to keep up with it. Again, the upwind angles you can achieve with it are insane and comparable to a lot of foil kites.

In a sentence: If F-ONE were looking to create a kite that really makes you feel alive then they have succeeded – this is an incredibly fast and high performing kite that will scare you and excite you in equal amounts!

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