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Deciding which F-ONE TRAX is for you can be determined by which aspect of your riding you wish to focus on. The TRAX HRD Carbon is the lighter version of the LT. Its construction is founded upon the same CNC-shaped wood core with Helical Rail Design, single stepped concave and flexible tips. However, its biaxial carbon full layer not only drops the weight a bit, but also gives the board extra strength, a stiffer ride and a more powerful flex response. The reduction in weight makes this board very responsive on the water and a dream in the air. 

The Helical Rail Design, named for the pattern of its tapering and chamfering throughout the length of the rail, is unique. There is plenty of grip on the heel edge, thanks to the thin rail in the middle of the board. This allows you to motor upwind and load-up against the kite to boost. The rail is inverted and curved underfoot, making the board very adaptive to changing water conditions or increases in power, thanks to the lack of a sudden edge development. This gives the board a delightfully smooth carving ability, and while the board has excellent directional stability, thanks to its stepped-concave base, if you flatten off the edge, you will value the ‘slidability’ factor of this board.

If freestyle is more your thing, the flex of the TRAX HRD Carbon has been fine-tuned to deliver an impressive silky-smooth pop. The gradation from the thick midstance to thin flexible tips is tapered to control the flex of the board and the progressive load allows for a controlled energetic pop. Despite having a relatively flat midsection, landings are softened nicely by the wide outline and chamfering underfoot, which deflects water away. This cushions the landing and allows you to ride away with confidence and control. 

Overall, this is a board that offers performance freestyle while providing freeride comfort. The stiff ride and explosive pop make the TRAX HRD Carbon well suited to the more freestyle-orientated rider, and if you are lucky enough to get it in some flat water, you are in for a treat. 

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