F-ONE WTF!? 136

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It is no secret that our test team have been fond of the WTF!? freestyle board, and this year is no different. Few performance boards are quite as forgiving, and its most redeeming aspect is that the confidence it inspires urges you to push your riding further knowing that it has your back. Despite its forgiving nature and reassuring ride, there is some power under the hood, raring to be unleashed.

At its base, the WTF!? features a double concave, tip channeling and a unique HRD-inspired rail design which combine brilliantly to create a ride that is locked in and assertive in its drive, with an early plane and easy to access acceleration. The WTF!? utilizes a staged medium rocker, elevating closer to the tips. Not only does this make it accelerate easily, it also allows it to lock its rail into the water firmly for a strong hold when edging. The staging of the rocker is smooth and the board still scoops well into the pop, which, thanks to the addition of carbon stringers, is very positive. 

Underfoot, the board feels stiff, all benefitting the strong reflex it provides in the pop, however with landings, the impact that may be expected from a stiffer board isn’t there. The HRD-inspired rail of the WTF!? does a superb job of displacing water on landings to cushion the impact and keep you riding longer.

For anyone looking to progress their freestyle riding, the WTF!? is comfortable at the feet of all freestylers, progressing or advanced. It will inspire confidence to push your riding harder and reward you when you do.

F ONE WTF 136 3 - F-ONE WTF!? 136
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