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The Radical5 is a crossover performance board by Flysurfer for freeride, freestyle and wakestyle. The keen-eyed amongst you will notice straight away that this is not your standard twin tip as it has an asymmetrical outline. This gives you a longer heel edge for more pop, speed and improved upwind performance, and reduces the length of the toeside edge which gives you better carving and control when riding on your toes. The Radical 5 also has the wood and foam core combo, with foam on the toeside to reduce the weight and a wood core on the heel side where you need to the strength.

The Radical5 comes with Flysurfer’s new Space and Galaxy pads and footstraps and pad, which are incredibly comfortable and offer more grip and good dampening for heavy landings. The adjustment range is also pretty incredible – a true one size fits all set up.

On the water the Radical5 is an extremely comfortable board to ride. It is smooth, fast and has minimal face spray due to its well thought out shape. For freeriding, the board really does excel, but for boosted freestyle the heelside channel offers superb grip and speed for edge control pre boost, then we were surprised by the amount of pop that the board generated when unhooked. It’s a really satisfying and responsive board to ride.

The stiff mid-section coupled with the flex was ample for throwing even the toughest of wakestyle tricks and, although the board isn’t aimed at hardcore wakestylers, it would keep them happy and for all other freestyle riders it will do the job exceptionally well. Excellent work.

Flyboards Radical 5 COB - Flyboards Radical5
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