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The BOOST is the flagship freeride kite from Flysurfer’s LEI range. The German kite brand keeps on pushing the R&D using their technical background in paragliding (Skywalk paragliders) and soft kites (they produce some of the most respected foil kites for kitefoil racing on the market) and have complemented this with a comprehensive range of inflatables. The BOOST in its fourth generation is an all-rounder freeride kite delivering an incredible amount of lift, with an intuitive and direct bar feeling. It is fast and powerful but remains super accessible and allows the rider to throw it fast around the wind window without surprises. The reduced diameter of the leading edge, coupled with a five-strut design and a lightweight Dacron implemented, makes the BOOST a lightweight and fast-turning kite that will be incredible in the low range.

In the air the kite gives an instantly solid and direct bar feedback. The low end is impressive and will take you riding in conditions when you would have expected to require a much bigger kite. The rigid frame design holds canopy tension well into the top-end keeping the kite in full control and generates tons of power out of the lightest breeze. It is incredibly easy to handle, fast and super forgiving. It goes far into the edge of the window where it keeps a great amount of power and goes upwind effortlessly. The pulleyed bridle system provides a direct feeling to the bar and you always know where your kite is positioned. This direct feeling is really comfortable and the bar pressure is more present than most freeride kites but gives you an incredible amount of control.

When jumping, the Boost will give you a powerful and progressive lift. Once up in the sky it retains energy and float and will help you focus on your landings. It is a powerful jumping machine that remains easy to control anytime and looping it around is pure fun – the kite will loop fast and remains in good shape during the rotation. It will then climb back to the zenith rapidly and give you enough second lift and control to land anything. Despite the five-strut design the BOOST remains relatively light and is also a very usable tool for kitefoiling on lighter days. The increased aspect ratio and rigidity of the frame makes it feel really efficient and pushes some decent forward speeds. 

The BOOST is an all-round freeride kite that will allow any rider to push their boundaries in every condition. The slack is effective and will allow you to throw unhooked tricks, shred some waves and throw big kiteloops with ease. It is a perfect single-kite quiver if you are looking for one model that does it all.

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