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boost feature - Flysurfer Boost

Now. This was one that we had been looking forward to! A definite ‘back to the future’ BUT with all that has been learnt over the last 10 years of kite design. In Issue #3 of the magazine we interviewed the designer of the Boost, Andi Hanrieder, about the kite and he explained that they were after something which would be boosty, fast around the racetrack, and a good ‘all-round freeride’ kite. A tall order so we were pleased to get our hand on one and put it through its paces.

We had the 11m on test. First impressions out of the bag are that this is a light kite. The LE and struts are very thin keeping the weight well down, and there are lightweight reinforcements in all of the key stress areas. There is a high volume inflation valve and the Boost ships with Flysurfer’s new RED pump which has a pretty silky smooth and resistance free action. We have seen pumps like this before and they didn’t last the distance – happy to report that we have been using this one for a while and no problems so far… Depower is via a pull/pull system, there is a nice thick EVA grip, and there are Flysurfer’s new ‘low drag’ lines with the back lines only 1.1mm in diameter.

In the air and first impressions are that this is a light, nimble and efficient kite. It has an immediately thoroughbred feeling to it, with a very quick and reactive feeling at the bar. 5 struts give a very solid and direct feeling at the bar and the low end is excellent, with a true sheet and go power delivery. Upwind performance is very impressive, with the Boost seeming to want to keep nudging further forward in the window. Coming on to the airborne potential and the Boost hauls you upwards and just keeps on going… It’s a floater for sure. You have good control while up there though, and landings are soft and controlled. Depower is also very quick and complete – Flysurfer have stressed that this would be a good foiling option and, although we didn’t try it with a foilboard, it has all of the right attributes for this.

With the Boost, Flysurfer have tried to broaden this type of higher aspect kite to freeride rather than just more specialized racing uses. On this evidence it certainly ticks the ‘fun freeride’ box and it will be interesting to see how it goes around the racetrack.

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