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Flysurfer Era - Flysurfer ERA

Many brands have been unveiling Big Air kites lately, and Flysurfer is no exception. Just a few months ago, Flysurfer introduced the ERA, a brand-new addition to their lineup of inflatable kites designed for riders seeking the ultimate weapon for Big Air. It marks Flysurfer’s debut in the inflatable kite market designed specifically for Big Air, and it’s already making waves, earning an impressive reputation on WOO charts. Height is certainly not an issue with this kite!

The new ERA boasts a five-strut high aspect ratio design. One of the first features that caught our attention upon unpacking the kite was its six points of attachment on the leading edge, along with its slightly narrower diameter aimed at reducing air resistance. In terms of materials, Flysurfer has opted for trusted, time-tested materials such as Dacron and D2 Teijin canopy. This choice ensures the kite’s durability over the years while maintaining its performance, and all at a reasonable price point. To keep the weight down, Flysurfer has employed wide canopy panels, reducing segments, stitching and incorporating only the necessary reinforcements. This streamlined approach eliminates extras like battens and self-rescue handles, resulting in a lighter kite compared to others made with standard materials.

Upon launching the kite, we immediately noticed its very low bar pressure, which still provides excellent responsiveness while maintaining a nimble and lively feel. Despite a slight delay in steering, the ERA impresses with its remarkable speed and lightness in the sky which, coupled with its rigid shape, six-point attachment bridle and five-strut design, contributes to its impressive reactivity. If it were a blank or blind test, we wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had told us this kite was made with more expensive and fancy materials.

As a kite built for Big Air, it caters to riders who crave height, hangtime and loops, aspects we focused on during our test sessions. Someone has to do the hard work, right? While the ERA might not break your height records on your first session, it’s likely to do so after a few. It requires some adaptation and precise timing for jumps, but once mastered, it brings you closer to the clouds. Achieving its impressive hang time demands a bit of effort, as the kite tends to fly slightly faster than usual behind you, requiring precise downloops to maintain its position for optimal performance. This aspect may be more technical compared to other Big Air kites, but with practice, mastering the timing becomes second nature. The standout feature of this kite is its looping ability, which is remarkably easy even in larger sizes. Tested in Tarifa’s famous super gusty Levante conditions, the Era consistently returned to the 12 o’clock position swiftly even in bigger sizes, making it accessible for riders aiming to enhance their kiteloop repertoire with variations, rotations or board-offs. Its quick response and ample hangtime allow you to push your progression without being limited by the kite.

In smaller sizes, double loops are not only possible but relatively straightforward to execute and possibly even triple loops (don’t look at us for those!). Another remarkable aspect of having such a responsive kite that swiftly goes behind you is the ease with which you can engage in multiple heli-loops, propelling you into massive jumps when you catch that magical gust. We’ve never experienced so many of those jumps in just a few sessions! The only drawback to its looping is the slight noise from flapping. For freeriders, the ERA presents an enticing option, especially for heavier riders, thanks to its six-point leading edge attachment system. Its five-strut high aspect ratio design delivers high performance with minimal bar pressure, making upwind riding, jumps and transitions a breeze. While its low-end performance is impressive, its true prowess shines in high winds.

In summary, the Flysurfer ERA is an exceptional kite for riders seeking to elevate their Big Air game or enjoy fast-paced freeriding, especially in stronger winds. It’s a kite packed with performance, albeit one that requires a bit more technical understanding to unlock its full potential compared to some competitors. However, the rewards are well worth the effort, as mastering the ERA opens up a plethora of possibilities for your sessions.

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