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New to the line up, the FLOW is Flysurfer's entry freeride twintip. It is designed to cover a wide range of riding levels from total beginners to first unhooked freestyle moves. It features a low rocker, square rounded tips, parallel outline, and ultralight construction combined with a dynamic flex. It is fine-tuned and really comfortable to ride. It goes upwind effortlessly and provides tons of control at any speed. 

The single concave bottom coupled with the low rocker line helps the board get to planing immediately and gradually accelerates. It works incredibly in the low wind range and will allow beginner riders to downsize their kite size. Edging the FLOW is really intuitive and it bites comfortably in the water with minimum bounce. We had the 137 which rode surprisingly well upwind considering the size of some of the test team. The 142 would be a great option for a board for the start of your kiting journey and would see you through into your intermediate level for sure, and the 148 would be a great option for complete beginners or schools.  

You can load the FLOW with plenty of rail grip and it gives a balanced and progressive amount of power to send your jumps. Pivoting around on the FLOW is smooth and will allow intermediate riders to switch toeside and blind without catching the nose or rail. The smooth flex and increased surface area also makes the FLOW ultra-forgiving in those sketchy first landings, and the directional balance makes it a really comfortable board to ride especially in choppy conditions.

Overall we were impressed with the FLOW and felt that beginner to intermediate riders will love the board for its accessibility and comfort. It is also an extremely effective board for lighter conditions, and its upwind and speed abilities will allow riders to get on the water first and to progress quickly…

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