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spotz tuna prof - Foil 3 Spotz Tuna

Spotz are one of a group of foil companies who have been quietly working on developing their foils for a number of years. That foiling has now entered the ‘mainstream’ makes them exceptionally well placed to show all of these newbies how it is done! In terms of who the Tuna is pitched at, this is not an entry level foil, nor is it a racing foil: it is a foil designed to be enjoyed by riders who want to enjoy a quality foil and to travel fast and with confidence.

A member of our test team was very familiar with Spotz having spent a year riding the Tuna’s predecessor, the Spotz 2. This was a great foil but dismantling and reassembling the foil with their centralizing grub screws was quite hard work, especially if you were traveling a lot. So the first impression with the Tuna was that we were very enthused to see that the assembly and build had been modified and simplified. The mast now fits into the fuselage with two bolt fitments and the front wing and fuselage is one section, enabling the rear wing to fit in with ease. The stabilizer wing can also be adjusted to affect the lift and performance of the foil. So, this is a short fuselage, high aspect, all carbon lightweight foil designed to have good all round performance. We were keen to get going.

On the water and the first impression is: Wow, the Spotz goes well! For the more intermediate and advanced riders in the test team this quickly became a ‘go to’ foil. It delivered some really excellent performance characteristics but was also surprisingly forgiving for a high performance foil. It went up, down and across the wind well and the speed and acceleration really grabs you, especially after riding the more entry level foils. It is a foil that encourages you to push harder and then lets you tune in and to really begin developing your skills.

In a sentence: A very impressive mid to top-end foil that became a real favorite of the test team. For riders who want to cruise but also have the option to turn things up a notch.

TKM13 COB Foil 3 Spotz Tuna - Foil 3 Spotz Tuna
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