Ion Nova Curv 10 Select

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ION Nova Curv - Ion Nova Curv 10 Select

Soft goods goliath Ion have thrown all of their top features and materials into the Select version of the Nova to create a range topping female harness. It sports a semi hard shell, and rates as a ‘10’ on their flex index which is exactly in the middle of their range.

Visually, it’s a harness to behold, with a stealthy Darth Vader back and aquatic patterned neoprene covering some luxurious feeling memory foam padding fringing the hardshell. On the interior a large EVA patch sits over the small of the back and fills the spine area. It grips to your wetsuit well and does an admirable job of preventing potential ride up.

A full removable handlepass system spans the rear of the hardshell, and integrates into the back of the webbing straps, and a front safety attachment sits on the right hand side of the webbing so all bases are covered.

The entry system features a classic full Velcro waist belt, followed by some large and stiff tabs on the ends of the spreader which slide in above the belt to firmly integrate it into the sides of the harness. The buckles are a proprietary system from Ion and lock the webbing very firmly.

The final closure is a well-engineered double hook lever system comprised of injection molded plastic and stainless steel for the business end. It closes up that final few millimeters of tension required to get the harness completely snug with easy leverage. Unclipping it is a cinch as it has a small tab to lift the closure enabling you to get your fingers beneath it. This is a well thought out addition and will do well in the bleak midwinter.

The C3 spreader bar is a versatile design and leaves options for a climbing sling style slider for the wave riders as well as a bolt-on traditional hook system, leaving your options very much open for the multi disciplinarian.

Overall the Nova Curv 10 Select is a lightweight and durable construction as you’d expect from the top of the Ion product system. Its mid flex, supportive nature and versatile spreader arrangement makes it an excellent choice for the serious crossover rider.

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