Ketos Freeride 2

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ketos prof - Ketos Freeride 2

The first thing you notice with the Ketos foil is the build quality and craftsmanship. Ketos are another brand who have been building foils for a while (since 2010) and it shows. These are premium foils in a top-end construction. Ketos use the KF box which allows it to be fitted on smaller boards as well as a plate adapter so you can use boards with the 4 bolt system.

The Ketos range of boards – both the Pocket and Skim – use a long exterior box which adds to the stiffness while allowing the board to be very light and thin. The foil is fully modular with one bolt connecting the mast and fuselage, then with two bolts connecting the front and rear wings to the fuselage. This enables easy assembly using the supplied Allen key and makes it quick and simple to swap between the various different wings which include Race and Wave options. There is also the option to use a Large Stabilizer rear wing which slows things down a bit and makes it easier for learner foilers. Then there are also 90 and 65cm masts alongside the 100cm mast we had on test.

On the water you easily pop up onto the foil and straight away notice how stable and smooth everything is. The foil has great acceleration and points really well upwind at a good speed, just below that of a full race wing. Tacking on the FR2 is relatively easy for a higher performance foil thanks to the good upwind angle and low stall speed, giving you that extra bit of time to bring the power back on in the kite. Downwind and the speed is great with the stability allowing you to push hard, easily reaching 25 knots, although topping out before 30. Gybes are again really smooth either at full speed or while going slower and tighter. We had a few nice days in some waves and really enjoyed linking carving turns on the face, finding the low stall speed and quick acceleration to be a real asset.

In a sentence: The Ketos Freeride 2 Foil is a great option for anyone looking for a top quality product that is still accessible for everyday riders. With the modular setup you are also able to adapt it for all levels and for all styles of riding.

TKM13 COB Keetos Freeride 2 - Ketos Freeride 2
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