Liquid Force Legacy

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LFprof 1 - Liquid Force Legacy

Taking its inspiration from the Influence, the most successful LF board of all time, the Legacy brings it up to speed for 2016.

Firstly: it looks great. Liquid Force have really worked hard on their graphics for 2016 and the whole range looks superb. The focus for the new Legacy was the reduction of weight, and to thin the whole board out, without compromising the feel and stiffness of the board. So, LF’s Jason Slezak and Jimmy Redmon did just that, and made the Legacy thinner and lighter without compromising on the integral performance of the board. They achieved this by adding in a ‘vector net carbon weave base lamination’, which is the diamond shape carbon you see in the base. This reduces the need for multiple layers of glass thus reducing the weight and thickness.

Onto the ride and the first impressions of the Legacy are impressive – the most striking thing is the speed. It is incredibly fast and smooth, with a medium rocker line, and it really eats up the choppy conditions, and gives you confidence to just motor along without the worry of it losing an edge. The flex pattern is also spot on, and with the progressive rail concave running into a full double concave base you have a very efficient board under your feet. What these features give you are more controlled and softer landings, and also the ability to hold the edge longer for full powered takeoffs.

The Legacy is a board that can do pretty much everything… It will suit riders looking to boost, and to throw some freestyle and, although it’s not an out and out wakestyle board, it can get involved with some low pop tricks too. For us the footpads could do with an upgrade but, apart from that, this is an outstanding board.

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