Lieuwe Falcon

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falcon - Lieuwe Falcon

Lieuwe welcomes their latest Big Air twintip, the Falcon, to the family. With all eyes focused on the Netherlands for the return of the long-awaited Red Bull Megaloop, it is good timing for the specialized Dutch board brand to craft a board focused on maximum performance in the Big Air realm.

Lieuwe are a 100% board focused brand, crafting their twintips in their own workshop in the Netherlands. The Falcon is the second carbon board to come out of their workshop, and aims to strike the perfect balance between performance and comfort. Lighter and stiffer than the Shotgun, the Falcon is a high-performance Big Air board for intermediate to advanced riders (or those aspiring to be!). The carbon construction is surprisingly comfortable allowing any level of rider to feel confident within just a few minutes, and it has none of the nervous chatter or snappy feedback that you can expect from a carbon board. This is thanks to the highly evolved understanding of board design and some interesting technical features that come out of the Lieuwe workshop.

Since the kiting world has become obsessed with anything double, Lieuwe has introduced a double concave throughout the bottom of the board. No one can argue that this drastically softens the impact of landings, whilst the debate over double-loops vs megaloops will always come down to style. The Falcon incorporates the spine to channel water out through the tips, allowing you to load up and generate huge amounts of pop with ease. With the addition of rail channels, you can push that little bit extra too without feeling like you are going to skip out and you can commit with confidence, ensuring you move up your local WOO leaderboards. Talking of stepping up, the Falcon incorporates a stepped deck which allows for the perfect amount of torsional flex, contributing to the smooth and dynamic ride.

One thing of note on the Falcon is the introduction of Lieuwe’s innovative new “Robot-Crafted Insert Tracks”. The all-new autolocking track system is a game changer allowing the rider to determine their stance with millimeter accurate precision – it’s a great system.

We tested the Falcon 139 in its hometown on the North Sea, with its dependably choppy waters and stormy seas. Paired with the Lieuwe Pro Pads the Falcon handled the chop surprisingly well, once again finding the perfect balance between damping the chop and giving just the right amount of feedback to always feel connected to your board. The fact that the Falcon performed well in this environment means that it will really come alive on your local flatwater spots or the perfect kickers of Tarifa, where its lightweight construction will allow you to boost higher than before whilst throwing your body around without fear. Assuming you are ready to feel what this board was truly designed for, we recommend the 45mm fins from Lieuwe to give you the edge when sending it.

Energetic, lively and incredibly dynamic, the Falcon lives up to its name. It reminds us of those summer sessions psyching your friends up to go huge, whilst always making sure to keep an eye out for them. A board perfectly positioned to take your riding to the next level, whilst making sure you feel comfortable pushing the limits.

Falcon - Lieuwe Falcon
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