Lieuwe LEN10 Oceana

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lieuwe prof - Lieuwe LEN10 Oceana

The Lieuwe Len10 Oceana is the fifth board to arrive in the Liewue range. For a brand who were pretty unknown outside of Dutch shores until a couple of years ago they have made great strides in developing their range of boards and have an increasingly respected reputation. The fact that fellow Dutchie Ruben Lenten elected to develop his Pro Model with them demonstrated this perfectly… When planning the Oceana, Ruben wanted the right machine to send him rocketing up for those Cape Town sunset sessions, but the environmental side of things was also super important both to him and the rest of the Lieuwe team. With that in mind, the Oceana is the first ever twintip to get the Gold Level Ecoboard seal of approval from Sustainable Surf, meaning that the wood, resins and production processes are as environmentally friendly as it is possible to be building a twintip… Great work.

Aside from the construction, the Oceana also has some impressive graphics – with the trademark Lieuwe ‘wood vibe’ complimented by a nice mer-lady on the base and some classic LEN10s and some striking graphics on the deck. Overall it is the kind of board you’re going to be pretty stoked to rock up to your local spot with. Or put on your wall. In terms of the shaping, Lieuwe have used the channels and concave to create the stiffness. With all the channels you would think the Oceana is heavy but it’s not… which is impressive and a good indication of what can be achieved with the best materials and construction processes.

On the water the Oceana is fast, lively and dynamic, and you know immediately that you’re riding a high end performance-oriented board. With the bottom shape and stiffness, the upwind performance is excellent, and the rocker eats through the chop. Lieuwe have also managed to include anti-spray tips which work well and were a welcome surprise for the test team. Then – getting down to business – and the Oceana really loves to be loaded up and it can hold insane amounts of power, then once released it sends you to the moon! It’s a pop monster. We love it…. Then the real treat comes when you’re coming in hard and fast for a big landing – the Oceana just eats it up. The channels and concave give excellent water displacement on landing and offer plenty of control and confidence… The Oceana isn’t a board for newbies and is best suited to riders who want to go big, or to ride with heaps of power. We’d also say that it is a board much more suited to riding with boots due to its square outline and width, and the fact that you need to be riding it hard.

In a sentence: The Oceana is a niche board – but if your niche is riding completely stacked, at full speed and full power, then this is what it is designed to do and it does it impressively.

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